Interested in a Safety Audit?

If you are interested in having Frederick Computer Repair do a one hour audit, please let us know by using this feedback form to schedule an appointment.

We will come to your home and use our security tools to determine if your computer has been compromised, provide you with a report on what websites have recently been visited, and determine if your children or yourself are currently at risk.

We perform this service on a flat-fee basis and keep the cost low because we believe that price should not be a barrier to safe computing for you or your little ones.

If you would like to schedule a home audit, click here, and we will come out at your convenience.

Computer Security and Safety Audits for the Home

Internet Safety and your Children

How many parents really know what their kids are doing on line?  Let's think about this for just one minute.  Your kids come home from school and go to their room which you have graciously equipped with a computer.  The door gets shut and you don't see them until dinner is served.  Are they doing their homework?  Most parents hope so...some parents are wrong.

The Internet is full of wonderful things to see and wonderful places to go, but it is also full of things we want to keep our kids away from.  Stalkers, Predators, Pornography, Hackers, Identity Thieves etc. are all out there just waiting for your kids to click the mouse at just the right spot and POOF, they have you.  As technology expands it becomes more difficult to control.  Most parents believe their kids are smarter on the computer than they are and most would be right.  How many computers did you see in classrooms in the 1970's?  Not many if at all.  Now those same classrooms that had chalkboards and had an overhead projector as the most modern equipment, have desktop or laptop computers on them with processors and memory that makes the Lunar Lander look like the Model T! 

Parents, don't go into your kids rooms just yet and start pulling plugs out of the walls.  There are ways you can protect your children from harm and not expose them to things that they are not ready for.  We at Fredercik Computer Repair believe the safety of your kids is the most important thing any parent would want and we want to help you.  We will bring you or your group an information package that helps the parents understand (in plain English) how to keep your kids safe, and how to avoid being targeted by Internet predators.

Talk to us about getting a program together for your group.  We will be happy to come to you and help you stay safe. Call us at 240-357-8881 and we will arrange a time to come out and see you.