Managed Computer and Network Support

Managed Computer Services for Small and Medium Business

Managed Computer Services assure that you get the most from your network, at the least possible cost. Instead of responding to crashed, slow, or otherwise unavailable systems, Managed Network Services is a proactive approach to computing support.

As a Managed Network Services customer, we treat your network as if it was our own, which in essence, it is. We use the same best practices that we use on our own networks to ensure that when you need it, your computing resources are available, and are in the best possible condition.

Computing Systems as a Utility?

We take the approach that computers and network resources should be like the electrical power that runs your business. When you walk into a room, you expect that when you flip a switch, the lights go on. We see no reason that it should be any different for your computer systems.

The only way to provide that kind of service is to use a proven method of getting your workstations, servers, and other network components in the best possible condition, and then taking care of them on an ongoing basis to keep them that way.

Managed Services Advantages

As a Managed Services Client, you:

  1. Receive Priority Service on all calls day or night. 
  2. Contain your cost of computing by paying a flat fee for the monthly maintenance needed to keep our systems online and available.
  3. Pay a discounted labor rate in the event that you need support.
  4. Get remote assistance whenever possible to avoid travel and trip charges for an onsite visit.
  5. Have access to experienced business computer specialists to help in planning and decision making on an ongoing basis.

You don't need to worry about your computer systems; we take care of it for you allowing you to concentrate on running your business. 

Managed Services Process

Getting Managed Computer Services is a two step process - Analysis (called Baselining) and Execution (ongoing preventative maintenance).

Initial Systems Baseline

  1. Baseline your system and provide you with a report so you know exactly what you hardware and software you have.
  2. Take a Drive Image of your workstations and laptops so in the event of a crash we can have you up in hours*.
  3. Provide remote access** to save time and money in troubleshooting and support.
  4. Install and configure a managed network firewall.
  5. Review your current system security and make adjustments as you direct.          

 - Services would be performed monthly and scheduled for Client convenience.

Your business is important to you, and your business is important to us

* - restore depends on how much data is being restored - it is always less time than a complete system load.
** - Internet access required