PC Need Help? Call!

That is what Frederick Computer Repair is here for.  Unlike some big companies, we want to keep you and your computer together for as long as possible.  You have probably had your PC or laptop for a while and just like your car, and you are comfortable with it.  You don't want to have to learn a new operating system or a new keyboard and mouse, instead you want your trusted friend.  We strive to keep that relationship going with you and your PC. 

Let us try and keep your PC or laptop alive and well instead of you having to start all over.  We don't make commissions on sales like other computer support companies, so we don't tell you that you need a new machine if you truly don't need one.  Honesty is what gets us to you and keeps us with you.

Contact us at 240-357-8881 and schedule an appointment.  We will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you.


PC Laptop Notebook and Computer Repair Competition

What Makes Frederick Computer Repair Different? 

Our computer and laptop repair rates are more than comparable to places like Best Buy®, Geek Squad®, Geeks on Call®, Comp USA® or any others you may find.  Being a smaller business than the companies listed above, we apply the golden rule - treat others as you would treat yourself.

In practical terms, that means:

  • helping clients to understand why their computer, laptop, or PC is broken
  • explaining how to prevent the same thing from happening again
  • providing our clients with options - we do not have commissions, quotas, or hardware to sell, so we are objective and make the most of what our clients have already invested in instead of trying to sell them something new

Our business model is built around establishing long term relationships with small and medium sized businesses that have the same IT needs as a large businesses, but do not have the budget to hire a full-time IT staff.

Still not convinced, have a look at one of the many client testimonials that we have had the pleasure of receiving:

What Our Clients Say About Us
Debbie Rising; Allen Katz Esq. Attorney at Law
  I have had the pleasure of dealing with Steve Johnson and Frederick Computer Repair since the fall of 2011.  The experience of working with Steve is always one of total satisfaction.  I trust his competancy and advice on repairs and maintance of the computers in my office and my home.  Steve's work ethic is professional and accommodating.  He responds to computer issues promptly and efficiently; service is not considered complete until all problems are resolved.  In addition, rates are fair and reasonable.
    I highly recommend Steve Johnson and Frederick Computer Repair for knowledgable, personalized service.  

A breath of fresh air

"Our business is Light Years ahead of where we were before Frederick Computer Repair.  What a breath of Fresh Air"

- Teresa Rutter: Office Manager Trigger and Son Construction  301-829-5506


Frederick Computer Repair Brought My Machine Back from the Dead

"The computer works like a high-tech flying machine. It is faster than I could ever believe. The cleaning and parts installed have made me wonder how I ever got along with the old one. Your professional skill and reasonable prices will keep me coming back for your services whenever I'll need them in the future.

I also want to thank you for your tech support when I am too stupid to figure something out. All I have to do is call and as soon as possible you have gotten back to me with helpful information." 

- F. M. -Chambersburg, PA.


Frederick Computer Repair Is a Real Find!

"I purchased a new Blackberry phone, and the sales rep was only interested in selling me the phone and getting me out the door. What I did not know was that the Blackberry was not going to work with my mail server in my office. I tried for hours to get it to work, and finally got in touch with the guys from Frederick Computer Repair.

They took the time to ask me what my need was and listened. Once they understood what I was needing to do, they gave me excellent advice - I got a new phone, and had Frederick Computer Repair configure it for me. In 2 hours, I was online, sending and receiving my email, synchronizing my Outlook calendar, and surfing the web.

In this day and age, service like I got from Frederick Computer Repair is hard to find. I recommend them to anybody looking for good computer support."
- DJ -



Repair Costs

Frederick Computer Repair believes in keeping things as simple as possible. Our rates are easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Remember also that we do not make any money by selling new equipment, so you are always assured that we will do everything that we can to keep you happy with the equipment that you have.

Diagnostic services are $49.00 and if we do any work, that cost is waived. 

- Current Service rates are $75.00/hr. and after hours are $125.00/hr.  

We will give you our best estimate from what we can initially find.  If anything else comes up, we will contact you before moving forward.  We want you to be fully informed of everything we do.

Let us look your system over and make recommendations on how you can maximize your computer without minimizing your bank account.  We will work to get you the best price on parts that we can and keep labor costs as low as we can for you. 

Contact us at 240-357-8881 and schedule an appointment with us.  We will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you.